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Why Macs are Better than PCs
Article Written by Geoff Myers
First off, Macs can perform 30,000 more calculations per second than a PC (comparing fastest G4 to fastest Pentium 4 in the official MTOPS calculations test).
Also Mac OS X is based on Unix, which is the most advanced, powerful operating system in the world. Plus with all of Apple’s easy-to use Aqua interface, that makes OS X the most easy to use, most powerful operating system ever. Windows XP isn’t based on Unix, and it is definitely not easy to use.
You might think PCs cost less than Macs, but the price over time is actually a lot more heavy. Yes, you can buy a PC for as little as $500, but then think of all the add-on hardware and software you have to buy after that. A cheap PC machine is just the bare-bones so it doesn’t really do anything very good.
Macs have all of the necessary hardware included, and is loaded with wonderful software. Macs are better for editing video, watching movies, downloading, listening, organizing music, organizing and editing graphics and photos, making websites, surfing the web, burning CDs and DVDs, and MUCH, MUCH MORE.
So far Macs have faster and more performance, cost less technically, have easier and more powerful operating system, and is better for ALL digital media. Apple has a lot of better customer support also.
Macs don’t have problems as often as PCs, and if they do, they are usually easy to fix (just restart). There are over 25,000 viruses for PCs. There are NONE FOR MACS, so Firewalls and virus-protection software isn’t needed at all. Oh yeah - Macs come with a built-in Firewall too.
Plus, have you ever noticed what PC boxes are made out of? Cheap beige or black boxes made out of plastic. Not to mention how boring they look. Then look at a Mac. For an example, the Titanium PowerBook G4 or the Apple iMac G4 flat-screen. It looks like Apple has creativity and an imagination.
Since Apple and Microsoft have been competing with each other, Microsoft has been copying the Mac OS. Microsoft stole the icon. The desktop. Even the mouse. The menu bar. Folders and files. They copied the whole GUI (Graphical User Interface). We might still be using type-in commands instead of the graphic interface if Apple had never been formed. Who would Microsoft copy?
Pixar Animation Studios was founded by the same person whole founded Apple Computer, Inc., Steve Jobs. Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. were created entirely with Macs. So was the sound in Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. Those were all pretty wonderful movies, and think you could do that. Really with a Mac. And not too hard.
I know all probably think, “There aren’t any good games for the Mac.” Well that isn’t true at all. I have downloaded over 200 just alone off the internet. I have enjoyed them very much, and yes, they are a blast.
Did you know that Microsoft actually admits that their version of Office for Mac OS X is BETTER than their own PC version they make? Microsoft really said that.
Most ALL designers use Macs. Macs are BETTER for schools. Macs can do anything a PC can and WAY MORE. I have been to the Apple Store many times at Mall of America. All the G4s there have Virtual PC 6 on them. I went into full screen on one of them, and you wouldn’t even know you were running Windows XP on a Mac. It was even FASTER than most REAL PCs I have used before.
I have spend hours in front of Windows computers just trying to get on the internet via Broadband. Or trying to install a single driver for a USB device. For me to get on the internet, I knew the IP Address, the ISP, the Proxy Server numbers and everything, and I went into every internet-configuring program, and entered all the info and it is STILL wouldn’t sign on.
Macs have a Level 3 Cache, PCs only have a L2. This speeds up operations and also saves “short-term” memories in different sections for easy access for the system and other applications.
Mac OS X doesn’t require any drivers to be installed. They are all built-in right in the system. You can just hook up any scanner, DV camera, printer, digital still camera, external hard drive or DVD burner and the Mac instantly recognizes it. Unlike Windows, where you have to install special software drivers to access add-on hardware.
If you are going on the internet, it is BETTER to use a Mac. Safari is Apple’s lightning-speed web browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer got creamed by a long shot by Safari in the official benchmark speed test.
AppleWorks is compatible with Microsoft Office. You can import and export Office and AppleWorks files easily, and edit them. AppleWorks comes installed on all Macs, you have to buy Office no matter if you have a Mac or PC.
Macs are loaded with awesome software like iLife. NOTHING even comes even close to Apple’s iLife in the Windows world. iMovie is an easy to use, fun, cool video editor. Just hook up your DV camcorder and import the clips, then add effects, transitions, audio, titles, and then make DVD chapters. You can even take your still photos from your files or iPhoto and make a panning slide show. iPhoto is also an award winning piece of software that organizes all of your photos. You can look at all of your pictures at once, or zoom up on a single picture and use red eye. Or touchup. Or edit it too with Adobe Photoshop or GraphicConverter. iDVD is a DVD authoring/burning application. Make titles, animations, audio, backgrounds and them put your iMovies you make and slide shows in it. The fact than it is so easy to use, then it is so easy for you to burn your DVD. Put it in a DVD player and watch it on your TV in high-quality mode. iTunes organizes and plays all of your music and syncs them with Apple’s iPod MP3 Player. One thing to note: iTunes visualizations have much higher-quality graphics than Windows Media Player.
Now that I have talked about iLife alone, I’ll continue why Macs and BETTER than PCs. Macs are more flexible. If you a beginner or export, a Mac will meet your needs. Even Unix and Linux fans would like Macs. Macs have a better system and user interface. Macs are more customizable on the inside. They have better graphics that aren’t pixelated. Macs are way easier to use and setup than PCs. You can look at almost and test, and find that Macs were setup in less than 10 minutes, internet and all documents transfered. Macs let you work on the thing you are doing not on fixing the computer. Also Macs don’t have a Blue Screen of Death. Macs can access PC disks, and read and write on them. They can connect to PC networks and share data. Games look and sound better on a Mac. Macs don’t freeze. The G4 has less pipelines (steps) to go thru than the Pentium 4.
I know I could go on, and on, and on forever, so I’ll just stop right here. If you wan more proof, ask me for some tests and comparisons to prove even more. I will also argue against anything about PCs with you if you want.
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