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Laura's Website

Hello. My name is Laura. I like orginizing my stuffed animals, I have

about twenty of them. My favorite subject in school is history. My

favorite class in school is library and computer class. My favorite game to play is

Clue. My family's pet is Maggie, a white cacapoo. My best friend's name is Nina.

She is really humorous. She makes me giggle a lot. My favorite color is light blue.

I have one big brother named Geoffrey, he was born June 7, 1990.

I was born March 11, 1993. I also have a younger sister named Kelly, who

was born November 12, 1999. Now, back to my brother he has a two

years year-old lizard. My favorite food is straw berrie ice cream with

whip cream on the top, and rainbow sprinkles on the top of that. My favorite movie is

Switching Goals, starring Mary-Kate and Ashley. My favorite book is Harry Potter

and the Prisoner of Azkabam. This is my second year playing the piano. My favorite season is